Bike USA 2005

You could be mistaken for thinking that these guys were getting in a spot of training for World Jump Day. But No. Orb Martin and Carl Bauer are just having a little R&R; from their ride across America. Having recently set out from Seattle, they are figuring on being in New York, after 8-9 weeks on the road. Dubbed 'Bike USA 2005' they state that "our main goal in this journey is to inform the general public about sustainable living, whether that be by urging people to get out of their cars and on to their bikes or by teaching them about our environment's carbon cycle and the depletion of our world's oil reserves." Although such information is a tad thin on their website, (maybe they should have a link to TH?) they do note that solar cells on their bike trailers charge their lights, phone, GPS and such forth. And that their chain lubrication is vegie based and their handlebar tape recycled. We also observed that they use a couple of products previously showcased here on Treehugger; namely Everlite and Clif Bars . Thanks to Paul for the tip, though we suspect he be Carl's bro. ::Bike USA 2005(If staying awhile in NY, the guys could have an celebratory organic tofu burger with Steve Vaught, a 400-pound man, who, as tipster Joseph W pointed out, is walking there from San Diego! )