Bike to Work with's Pannier


We TreeHuggers are big fans of the bicycle when it comes to getting from here to there, and when that includes commuting to work, so much the better. It can be tricky saddling up everything to get through the day, and until Armani designs a bike-compatible suit, this includes clothes. Messenger bags are good, though getting a wrinkle-free change of clothes in one can be a tall task. Same goes for backpacks and many bicycle cargo bags. Enter the Commuter Pannier from It straps to the back of almost all standard bike racks, and mimics a garment bag in design, to help keep flat things flat and wrinkle-free garments wrinkle-free. No more mid-ride messenger-bag load adjustments; the Pannier leaves your arms and hands free to do more important things (like steer), and at 1700 cubic inches, it's big enough to hold a day's worth of work/bike gear.The website also has some handy tips for bicycle commuters, as well as a list of links for commuters. Available for $130 US from Thanks to Conrad for the tip! ::TwoWheelGear