Bike Sharing System for Buenos Aires Moving Forward

Bicing Bike Sharing System in Barcelona Photo

Photo: Bicing bike sharing in Barcelona, by emprul.

When a project to build a bike sharing system in Buenos Aires was approved last year, locals thought it was going to be another idea that would end in nothing. But it was recently announced that a network of bike lanes has been put to tender by the city government, the first step to bring the system to life, since the streets of Buenos Aires aren't a safe place to ride right now.According to La Nacion, once the lanes are complete, the government will look for a company to take care of the stations to rent the bikes. This will add Buenos Aires to the growing list of bike sharing cities, which includes Barcelona, Paris, Montreal, Luxembourg, Washington and many more.

"We are promoting a massive use of bikes, but we want it to be safe. So we need to adapt our infrastructure. Plus, these lanes will be public, both for those who are using the bike sharing program and for those who are riding their own bicycles," said Eduardo Moreno, Buenos Aires Transportation sub-secretary.

Once these lanes are completed there will be a call for companies to build stations and provide the bikes.

The bike sharing system for Buenos Aires was ruled a year ago by a law. The project involves the installation of 1000 stations along the city. According to the mentioned source, the government is planning to install fewer stations in strategic places and will leave it to the company who manages the program to locate the rest.

On top of this initiative, the government has also announced that next February it will launch a campaign to encourage the use of bicycles not only as a recreational vehicle, but as a transport alternative.

We don't need to say how pleased we are that this is moving forward. If you still don't know how much we love bikes, learn about Commuting and Public Transport in our How to Go Green guides. And if you need to feel inspired, don't miss our galleries Favorite Guys on Bikes and Favorite Girls on Bikes.

Via La Nacion
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