Bike Moves (No U-Haul Required) Branching Out (Video)

The Stout Family Bike Move from Happy Thursday on Vimeo.

Could you move a washer and dryer on a Yuba Mundo cargo bike? Strap a couch to a bike with bungie cords? Feed a hungry troupe of cyclists that helped move your car-free family lock, stock, and barrel only on bicycles (outfitted with trailers, and including some cargo bikes and Xtracycles)? That's what the Stout family of Longmont, Colorado decided to do after viewing other video clips of successful bike moves in Portland, Oregon. In doing so, they made the front page of their hometown paper.
Portland bike move via Street Films.

Cross-town moves sans the U-Haul
Bike moves are moving beyond the Portland focal point - we've spotted them in Seattle, as far east as New York and Boston, and now in Colorado. The Stout family moved about five miles across town, and did a fair portion of both remodeling of their new home and taking lots of boxes from their old over the course of a couple of weeks before the big day. They were also lucky that the route to their house was mostly gentle sloping downhill, and a good portion of it was on bike paths. But according to the Longmont TimesCall, drivers that saw the trail of bikes on the road over the weekend were patient as the bikes made their way onto some major streets.

Bike move advantages: lots of bodies, more fun, nary a drop of gas
The bike move would likely lose its appeal for distances over five or six miles. But for cross-town moves, what the bike move loses in speed it makes up for in ease and community building. Lots of bodies to distribute the hefting of boxes that moving entails is welcome to most movers; in Portland, many bike movers don't know the movee but volunteer out of neighborliness and a feeling that bike moves are akin to old-fashioned barn raisings in their ability to build community. They are also a chance to see the contraptions other bikers have come up with to move their stuff around.

There are some basic tips to remember for moving by bike, including broadcasting your move far and wide in order to have enough help on the big day; be well prepared so helpers can strap on boxes and go; don't forget the donuts, coffee, pizza and beer (though not necessarily in that precise order). Here's a bike move guidebook from Portland-based Shift. Via: LongWalkToGreen
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