Bike Friday

It's been said that one of the reasons that Apple has been successful for so long, is not simply down to their innovation, but also their fanatically loyal customers. Well, Bike Friday is the Macintosh of the bicycle industry. Their patrons are equally diehard. As the company puts it: "Our design process starts at the customer instead of ending with the customer simply buying the results. We can only succeed if our customers love their Bike Friday bikes, and tell anyone willing to listen. We have grown by referral." And grown they have. In the past 15 years (since they developed the original folding touring bike that packed entirely inside a suitcase) they have expanded the line, so it now includes bikes priced from $970 to $9,400 USD. Touring, racing, mountain, tandem, ironman, commuting, right on through to a 3 seater for families! The parent company is Green Gear Cycling and their eco credentials still show through. Instead of acid etching metals frames to receive paint, they sand blast them. This creates not only less water pollution but also a rough surface, to better take a durable powder coating, which has almost no VOCs, compared to paint. And a bit like the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program that Terrapax offer, Green Gear will pay to take back their product, when customers trade in or up. These trade-ins are either refurbished for resale or their parts reused/recycled. "About the only thing that still goes to the dump are the tires and old saddles." ::Green Gear Cycling [by WM]


Bike can travel in a suitcase that converts into a trailer!


Three seater for families. Also used for disabled sports programs.