Bigha Bike


Remember the the Safe Turn Indicator ? Those LED lights you can wear on your wrists while cycling. Now imagine these were built right into the bike itself. Imagine a bike with its own built-in alarm and head/tail lights. Imagine ..... nah, stop... in a break from tradition, I’m not going to waffle on for ages about this product. Instead I’m going to exhort you surf straight over to their website. If the bike is made with the same care as their site, it must be all they say it is. More down-to-earth information and photos than you can poke a stick at. They guys obviously love what they do and that seems to flows through the whole business. Hey, they even have profiles of the staff, including the accountant! Go. Look. Be impressed. ::Bigha Bike [by WM] Thanks to Rik A for the tip.