"Biggest Loser" Winner Joins TreeHugger For Climate Ride Bike Trip


Photos via NBC

When you loose 215 pounds, you don't want those pounds creeping back. A good way to maintain: bike 320 miles in five days. On season 9 of NBC's "The Biggest Loser," Koli Palu sweated and dieted off a total of 215 pounds finishing at 188 (loosing 53.35 percent of his body weight!) and winning the $100,000 prize.

Arguably now one of America's most famous successful examples of drastic weight loss, Palu will join me for Brita Climate Ride, which starts bright and early tomorrow, September 21 in Eureka, California.During the trip we will also be eating healthy, locally sourced food, a Climate Ride organizer told me. More details on that later.

Palu says:

I love riding my bike -- I commute all over town these days. My passion is health and fitness, so I wanted to do something physical, while making an impact, and that's a tough challenge to find. This definitely fits the bill.

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