Big Game SUV Hunting

In the tradition of Do SUVs Make You Stupid? and Health Warnings for 4WDs comes this act of subversion. You can be sent a bumper sticker (or an electronic file so you can print your own). It reads I’m Changing The Climate! Ask Me How! You are encouraged to then place these on the metal bumpers or glass windows of those urban tanks that have to fill up with a fresh load of fuel simply to get the kids home from school. Well defined and discerning ‘Rules of Engagement’ are proffered. Hummers are the ultimate prize in the sights of these big game hunters. A bit of fun — unless you own such a behemoth. (Or if you live on a low lying Pacific island or the Bangaldesh Delta, staring down rising seas that threaten your livelihood.) ::Changing The Climate [by WM]