Bicycling Under the Influence? Not a Problem in Minnesota!

The above video shows a unique bicycle operated by Pedal Pub, LLC, a company that offers "pub crawl tours around the Twin Cities." As is evident from the video, people are having a grand time as they tour the city with the power of their own legs. But think of how much more fun they'd be having if they were drinking! Unfortunately, "the state's current open bottle law applies only to motor vehicles, and says nothing about these pedal-powered contraptions," so that "on tours right now, the vehicle must either be on private property with the owner's permission to serve alcohol, or people hop out when it pulls up to a bar."

Clearly, that simply will not do. Which is why bill HF3849, authored by Rep. Steve Simon, "would allow for consumption of alcohol on commercial multi-passenger bicycles." Of course, Pedal Pub will have a 'designated driver' on each tour that will actually steer the bike. So now you can get hammered and fit at the same time! Amazing stuff. . .just don't try bicycling under the influence on one of those, you know, "normal" bikes. That's still illegal. And stupid.


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