Bicycles Can Travel on the Eurostar Now


Who says that protesting doesn't work? Way back in November, Treehugger reported on the hardy band of determined cyclists who protested at the opening of the new Eurostar train to Paris. They were upset because there was no secure bicycle parking facility and passengers could not always take their bicycles on the same train as they were on. Bicycles had to be fully dismantled and packed in bags in order to travel on the same train as their owners. Often there were delays of 24 hours before the bicycle arrived at the destination.

In response, Eurostar agreed to change their policies and has introduced their 'Bikes on Board' booking scheme. Reservations for bikes cost £20 and riders will be able to drop their bicycles off at St Pancras Station despatch office one hour before their journey. In addition, parking has been provided for 100 bicycles nearby. So now cyclists can ride to the station, hop on the train, and get back on their bicycle at the Gare du Nord in Paris. C'est magnifique. :: Camden Cycling Campaign

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