'Better Place' Founder Shai Agassi Steps Down as Chief Executive

Something important has just taken place at Better Place, the electric car battery-switching company, but it's not entirely clear what it is exactly. The known facts are that Shai Agassi, who founded the company about 5 years ago and was until recently CEO, has stepped down from the chief executive role, and will remain as a board member and shareholder. But did he go willingly or was he pushed?

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The company's official press release is pretty bland and devoid of any real details on why Mr. Agassi is stepping down. The site GreenProphet, Karin Kloosterman (who used to write for TreeHugger - Hi Karin!) claims that Agassi was "fired", but I can't seem to confirm that, so I'm not sure.

Agassi will be replaced by Evan Thornley, who was previously CEO of Better Place Australia. The company writes: “In his four years as CEO of Better Place in Australia, Evan has built an impressive track record, particularly around establishing a strong set of industry partners there. Evan brings the right combination of entrepreneurship and coalition and team building to take Better Place to the next level.Thornley will assume the global CEO role, effective immediately."

I can't help but wonder if the company feels they are losing ground to fast-charging, and if maybe this caused some tension inside the company... After all, Tesla just announced that they want to blanket the country with very quick 'Superchargers'. Who knows?

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'Better Place' Founder Shai Agassi Steps Down as Chief Executive
Did he go willingly or was he pushed?

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