Better Place Displays First Completed Electric Car Charging Spot in Israel

better place israel photo

Better Place Israel CEO Moshe Kaplinksy at the first electric parking lot in Pi-Glilot, Israel. Photo: Better Place

The end of 2008 is turning out to be a productive one for Better Place: The California-based electric vehicle charging point/service station company has recently announced plans to deploy its electric car technology in the San Francisco Bay Area statewide in Hawaii and now has demonstrated the first of its planned nationwide charging spots in Israel.

Initially the plan calls for deployment of charging spots in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Kefer Sava, Holon and Jerusalem. The company’s first electric parking lot however is the Cinema City parking lot in Pi-Glilot:Better Place touted the event:

With the pilot, the company has signed an agreement with "Ahuzat Hof's" parking lots while it also simultaneously finished infrastructure deployment in other areas including the Bazel parking lot, Europe house, Axelrod and the IBM corporate campus.

In every parking lot, charging spot infrastructure has been planned and implemented. The deployment included production planning of electricity board installation and deployment of electric cables from the board to the charging spot, with emphasize on safety, quality and the electric network reliability.

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