Berlin: 250 Hydrogen Buses by 2009


The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe - the state-owned public-transit company - will buy 250 hydrogen-powered buses by 2009. That should be about 20% of their fleet. Berlin already has 14 hydrogen buses and 2 hydrogen refueling stations as part of the European HyFLEET:CUTE project. "The rapidly rising cost of diesel fuel is reducing the cost gap with hydrogen. Four years ago, the BVG was paying approximately €0.68 per liter (US$3.20 per gallon). Today, the price has increased to €0.94 (US$4.44 per gallon) and is expected to increase to €1.20 per liter (US$5.68) by the end of the decade." Thanks to ::Green Car Congress, ::Sprit zu teuer - Berlin tankt Wasserstoff (German). See also: ::Hydrogen Buses for Football Fans at the FIFA World Cup in Berlin