Beijing Switching Over to Cleaner Euro IV Fuel Standard as EU Considers Euro VI

In an effort to clean up Beijing's murky skies ahead of the Olympic Games, Chinese officials have decided to phase in a cleaner motor fuel - conforming to the Euro IV standard - over the next 2 months while keeping gasoline prices unmoved. Starting January 1, oil wholesalers and auto distributors will be required to sell gas and diesel that meets the elevated standard, which allows for only 50 ppm of sulfur; the current Euro III fuel permits 150 ppm but is cheaper - 0.4 yuan less per liter.

Environmental analysts estimate that the new standard will reduce the amount of sulfur dioxide generated by Beijing's almost 3.1 million vehicles by 1,840 tons every year. This announcement comes in the wake of news that the European Commission has just proposed its own set of new directives and regulations, including the Euro VI fuel standard, to sharply cut the E.U.'s emissions and simplify the current legislation. The new standard would focus on limiting the emissions produced by heavy motor vehicles - a clause Germany is none too pleased about - by forcing reductions of 80% and 66% in nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, respectively, compared to the Euro V standard.

Via ::Reuters: Beijing to switch to cleaner fuel: report (news website), ::Xinhua: Beijing cars use cleaner energy to help create "green Olympics" (news website)

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Image courtesy of Yoshimai

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