Beginners Can Bike Smarter in Portland

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Image courtesy of BikeSmart

With bicycling still on the rise in Portland, a city recognized for its bike friendliness, the folks at BikeSmart sagely (and potentially profitably) recognized a need for instructional classes for enthusiastic beginners. The classes focus on biking in Portland specifically, and will cover terminology, equipment, and road rules, in addition to helping foster the cycling community of Portland.The classes are designed for curious or novice cyclists over 18 (there are way more of them then you'd think, and good for them, I should add), who have only 0-2 years of experience. According to Jim Anderson, BikeSmart's founder, "Our goal is to give riders the tools, confidence, and information they need to head out on the road."

And that includes learning about all the quirks of city cycling—riding in traffic, shifting gears properly, using Portland's bike boxes, and going down hills.

This is a city after all, where Obama looked to get out the bike vote—bicycling plays such a central role in no other American city that comes to mind. The BikeSmart classes seem like a solid idea for any potential or struggling cyclist that'd like to get up to speed.

Classes are $15 and last an hour and a half. The BikeSmart website has more information.

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