BBC's Jeremy Clarkson Produces Deceptive Tesla Review (Video)

Jeremy Clarkson's Tesla Never Ran Out of Charge
Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the BBC's car show "Top Gear," is not known for his love of green motoring. He's caused lasting damage to precious ecosystems in Botswana, and he trashed the G-Wiz electric vehicle, calling it a "stupid little car", among other things. (Top Gear was a little kinder to the Honda FCX fuel cell car, though they didn't see fit to look into the downsides of hydrogen...) But what happened when Clarkson came face-to-face with the much touted Tesla? He was certainly impressed with it's acceleration, and pleased with its handling, but if you watch the segment above, it would appear he was let down by the battery performance — running out of steam on the track. Only one small problem — it turns out he lied
The Guardian tells us that the BBC is coming under fire for allowing such a misleading review of the Tesla to take place. You see Clarkson never ran out of juice. In fact, at no time during filming did either of the cars drop below 20% charge. But Tesla are not going to be pursuing the matter with the BBC, arguing that most viewers know what to expect from Clarkson and friends. More from The Guardian:

"Rachel Konrad, a spokeswoman for Tesla, said at no time did the batteries in either of the two cars used in the Top Gear test drop below 20% charge. She told "The image of them pushing it off the track was so searing," she said.
But she said she was generally happy with the overall tone of the review. "I thought it was a positive piece for Tesla by Top Gear standards. I personally like the show — it savages cars in a very entertaining way. My concern was with American viewers who were tuning in for the first time and might not understand the whole angle of the show. We wanted to make clear that range was not a concern over the entire time of the [Top Gear] test."

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