Battle of the EVs: Mitsubishi Targets Sub-$30,000 U.S. Starting Price for i-MiEV Electric Car

mitsubishi i-miev electric car photo

Photo: Mitsubishi
Price Slashed Before It's Even in Dealerships
Yestserday, I wrote that I thought Nissan's announcement of the pricing for the electric LEAF would create a new "anchor", and that other automakers would try to more or less match it. Well, it didn't take long for that to start happening. Mitsubishi announced a price cut for the i-MiEV from ¥4 million ($42,612) to ¥2.8 million ($29,828, including tax credits) in Japan, and they're now saying that they want to sell it in the U.S. for a sub-$30,000 price. Europeans can probably expect reduced prices too.
mitsubishi i-miev electric car photo

Photo: Mitsubishi
Economies of Scale, Here We Come
If Mitsubishi can pull it off, it would theoretically be possible for someone living in California or Georgia to combined a federal tax credit ($7,500) to a state credit ($5,000) and get an electric car for under $20,000. At that price, the state incentives would no doubt run out quickly, but there's a chance that they could be extended.

Mitsubishi's spokesperson said that still needs to finalize the details of the North-American launch, including finding partners to supply and install the home-charging stations.

No Time to Waste
It all sounds as if Mitsubishi has been sitting on the i-MiEV for a couple years, and now that the competition is heating up, they're scrambling not to miss the boat. Better late than never, I guess, but they definitely lost first-mover's advantage to Nissan, and in direct competition, their product might turn out to be less appealing to buyers.

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