Battery Electric Vehicles of Bristol


Bristol, UK, just keeps on popping up on Treehugger. Most recently we talked about the potentially ground breaking Transition City Bristol initiative, a community lead process to plan for peak oil, but as we noted then, it doesn’t end there. It’s also home to not one, but three local, organic eateries (here, here and here), and innovative wind energy projects here and here. Now we have another project to add to the list – Battery Electric Vehicles of Bristol. BEVOB is a community led group based in and around Bristol and the southwest of England to promote the use of Electric Vehicles (or EVs) as safe, reliable and environmentally responsible alternatives to the internal combustion engine. The group’s website includes examples of a few members’ vehicles, competitions and information on vehicles for sale. The organization recently celebrated the grand opening of the first public EV charging points in the South West (an event which included test-rides on a Vectrix) and apparently interest is building in the town for viable alternatives to the combustion engine.

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