Bargain Prices on Small Cars as Oil Gets Cheap

2007 nissan versa photo

Image Credit: Nissan
Small Cars Selling for Under $10,000
The New York Times has already noted that without a gas tax to keep prices high, small, efficient cars may never take off in the States. And now ABC tells us that this hypothesis may well be correct, with sales of small cars tumbling as oil prices dropped and the economy went into turmoil. But for those of us heretics who don’t believe that gas is going to stay cheap forever, or who listen to the IEA Chief Economist’s warnings of imminent peak oil, now may very well be the time to pick up the small car of your dreams as dealers slash prices in an effort to boost sales:
“With the recession making cars harder to afford, automakers are looking to price-cutting to attract buyers. Nissan struck first in October, offering a new version of its smallest model, the Versa, with a less powerful engine and fewer features. It was priced at $9,990.
It didn't remain the "lowest-priced new car in the U.S.," as Nissan billed it at the time, for long. Hyundai cut the price of its Accent hatchback by $1,775 to $9,970. That's $20 cheaper than the Versa. The move may pressure other automakers to make their economy cars even more economical.

Of course there's some pretty good end-of-year prices right now for bicycles too.

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