Banning Cars in Downtown LA Would Look Like This (Video)

Most of us would probably assume that if cars were banned from LA, the city would instantly collapse. But what if it were simply organized more intelligently? What if, for instance, cars were banned from downtown LA, and the whopping 36% of land dedicate to parking lots was re-appropriated for stuff that's makes for a healthier society? This entertaining video explores such a concept -- to the beat of pulse-pounding techno music, no less! The film was made by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo architecture students Sarah Fleming, Tam Thien Tran, and Toon Virochpoka, in partnership with Gensler, one of the world's largest architecture firms.

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After surveying the history of driving and public transportation in L.A.'s downtown, the students present ideas like making downtown a car-free zone by pushing all parking to the perimeter, and then building a series of gondolas and skyways to get people from building to building. They also have some clever ideas for how to reorganize the manufacturing districts to move their products more effectively out of the city.

Well, I'm sold. And no, it's not just because the Daft Punk has me all amped up -- it's already been pretty thoroughly proven that communities with fewer cars are healthier, cleaner, and happier places to live. And city officials, planners, and infrastructuralists should start paying attention to such ideas -- as fuel prices rise, the car-dependent city will soon find itself up a creek ...

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