Bamboo Bike by Calfee Design

If someone gave you the instructions: "occasional wiping down with a furniture oil is advised to maintain the beautiful finish", you would hardly think they were referring to your bicycle. But such is the suggestion from Calfree Design of California. What began as a publicity stunt nearly a decade ago, found favour with staff and friends and would become a standard line in the range, with 3 models of bamboo bike frames. It seems that the limited supply Black Bamboo used in these bikes offers "Amazing Vibration Damping. Even better than Carbon fiber." All the while providing good stiffness in a frame weighing a paltry 4 lbs (1.8 kg). Of course there is no such thing as a free lunch, and a bamboo frame will have you writing a cheque for $2,695 USD. But this is mid range for the custom frames that Calfee build. ::Calfee Bamboo BikesAs you might expect from a site that has a an ongoing lovefest with this material, we have previously recorded some other bicycles worked up with bamboo. These include the DIY version, through to the high design Biomega.

Oh, an apology. think we found this link from either a tip or another blog but have alas misplaced that first reference. Sorry.