Baby Prius: The Smaller Prius C Concept (2011 Detroit Auto Show)

toyota prius c concept photo
Photo: Michael Graham Richard

The "C" is for "City"

If the new Prius V sacrificed some fuel economy for volume, the Prius C concept does exactly the opposite: It's smaller than the regular Prius hybrid, but fuel economy should be better. In fact, Toyota claims that it will be - when the production version is made in 2012 - the most fuel-efficient car on the market except for plug-ins. Read on for more info and photos.

toyota prius c concept photo
Photo: Michael Graham Richard

toyota prius c concept photo
Photo: Toyota

The Prius C concept is designed with younger and more urban drivers in mind. It's a bit more "hip" than the regular Prius (or what passes for hip at Toyota... oh boy), and it should be more affordable. And since it kept the hatch configuration, it should be pretty IKEA-friendly.

toyota prius c concept photo
Photo: Toyota

In Toyota's words: "While the current Prius has ushered hybrid technology into the mainstream, and the Prius v will provide the additional room and versatility for active families, compact shoppers are interested in a smaller hybrid at an entry price point and with superior fuel economy. The Prius c Concept, with c representing a "city"-centric vehicle, will appeal to young singles and couples who want an eco-sensitive, high-mileage, fun-to-drive Prius."

Because this is still a concept, a lot can still change, and we don't have numbers on fuel economy or price.

toyota prius goes plural photo
Photo: Michael Graham Richard

The latest member of the Prius (Prii?) family that was mentioned in Detroit this year is the plug-in Prius, but it's not a new member. We've been seeing it at various shows and conference for a few years. What will be news is when it finally goes on sale.

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Update: Roomier Prius V Hybrid (aka Mama Prius) Going on Sale in US Next Month

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