Babs2Brisbane: An Experiential Handbook on Low-Carbon Travel

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Babs enjoys some snacks on the road... - Image credit: Babs2Brisbane
Epic Overland Journey Becomes Low-Carbon Travel Handbook
Only a few days ago I published a roundup of 6 ways to cut carbon without sacrificing your journey. While most options were of the fairly tame variety (pack less, fly direct etc), we did also mention the more adventurous, greener, and more rewarding options of overland travel. The formidable overland adventures of Babs2Brisbane are the perfect inspiration. In her attempts to attend her best friends' wedding in Australia, Barbara Haddrill of the Center for Alternative Technology decided to travel overland and sea from Wales to Brisbane, slashing the carbon footprint of her journey in the process. Now Babs is looking to inspire others - not content with her low carbon travel blog, she's publishing a book recounting her odyssey, and giving you all the advice you need to follow in her footsteps:
Babs2Brisbane is Barbara Haddrill's account of her incredible overland journey from Wales to Australia to be bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding: a brave odyssey that should earn her the respect of travellers everywhere.

Using buses, trains, bikes and boats, Babs carried her bridesmaid's dress through three continents, eighteen countries and a diverse, joyful and sometimes dangerous array of experiences. Going by plane would have churned out almost 10 tonnes more CO2, an entire years worth of emissions of the average UK citizen. Not going by plane changed the course of her life forever.

Described by Satish Kumar as 'a story filled with joy, intrigue, courage and adventure' Babs2Brisbane is a passionate plea for responsible travel, a practical travel guide and a meditation on the meaning of friendship in a globally warmed world.

Besides detailing Babs' personal experiences, the book also features full details of visas, accommodation, vaccination requirements, tickets and transport options by boat, train, bus and bike. Babs2Brisbane is available now from the Center for Alternative Technology's online store.

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