Babs 2 Brisbane - Taking a Stand on Air Travel


Say you live in Wales and one of your best friends is 10,000 miles (16,500 km) away in Brisbane, Australia. Futhermore you are a committed environmentalist working at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), as mentioned here and here. Then said friend asks you to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Do you ring and book a flight, when CAT calculates that the air journey will create 5.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions? Do do you opt for a land-based journey of six weeks, using instead train bus and boat, with a calculated 1.4 tonnes of emissions? If you are Barbara Haddrill you decide on the latter. You set up a weblog to record the experience (and promptly get right royally pilloried by naysayers.) We’ve had the same debate rage on here on TreeHugger before (see after the fold), but we tip our hat to Babs for acting on her convictions, and bringing attention to the whole issue of more benign transport. Obviously a wind powered yacht would win the prize, but decidedly less of those about since Australia stopped being a penal colony! ::babs2brisbane.blogspot, via ABC Online.See also on TreeHugger:—

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