B-Cycle Bike Sharing Has Plans for Denver...and A U.S. City Near You?

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B-Cycle's web site, with its video of shiny red-white-and-blue bikes with cute GPS systems and its solar-powered stations, is nearly too slick and pretty. This bike sharing program is the business brainchild of Trek, health insurance conglomerate Humana and Crispin Porter Bogusky, and the advertising touch really shows. Today, Alex Bogusky will talk about his vision of bike sharing at the SXSW music and culture conference in Austin. Hopefully, B-Cycle's plans will live up to its big-budget introduction. BCycle is reported to go first to Denver this summer, and from there, well, it might be up to you. Click forward to continue reading about BCycle and its plans.Freedom and independence...on a bike
What's great about B-Cycle's pitch is that it seems to really get that city biking has so much potential but needs proponents. In Denver's case - the Host Committee of the Democratic National Convention is pitching in $1 million toward the Denver B-Cycle program (Denver's Freewheelin bike share during the Convention last year was the popular pilot for the city's current plans), and business leaders are putting money toward getting bike parking in their areas.

Denver's program will be around 500 bikes and 30 stations - if sustainable mobility consultant Eric Britton's estimations are right, that's around a $5 million price tag for the first year. Denver already has some pluses - over 350 miles of bike paths and trails, lots of sunshine, few hills - so perhaps the program will fare better in terms of maintenance costs of lost equipment than Paris' Velib.

Personalized bike stats
B-Cycle's web site has two great features - the first is a zip code box where you can enter your stats and see how big of a bike sharing program your town would need, and what the possible benefits, in reduced greenhouse gases, pollution, and increased health, might be. It's a great way to personalize bike sharing's benefits. Second, there's a "Who Wants It More" map where visitors can cast their vote to encourage B-Cycle to bring a program to a city or town. Who's in the lead? Not Portland, Oregon, but Fort Collins, Colorado, and Oklahoma City (the latter launched a twitter campaign to pick up votes)! Via: The Inspired Economist and B-Cycle
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