Awake at the Wheel: A Blog about Biodiesel


The guys behind Propel Biofuels (we mentioned them here and here) have started up a new blog all about biodiesel. They've been blogging there for over a year, but have started to pick up the pace recently, talking about proper blends for winter driving (they recommend a 50/50 mix), biodiesel's positive fuel-product energy per unit of fossil fuel energy (about 3.2 to 1) and the relative price of the biofuel (they're selling B99, 99% biodiesel, for $3.03 per gallon, while petrodiesel is going for $3.11 in Seattle). The site is designed to be a source of practical information for biodiesel drivers as well as a forum to publish feedback from their customers, friends and from their own experience; as both retailers and all-around alt-fuel advocates, we imagine they have a pretty interesting take on what it takes to make the fuel more popular and where biodiesel is headed, so we'll be keeping an eye on them and hope they keep up the good work. ::Awake at the Wheel via ::AutoblogGreen