Avoid the Transit Strike: Ride a Trikke Bikke!

The transit strikes in NYC have the left millions of New Yorkers who use the subways or buses in the city without reliable transportation. With all of these people looking for a new way to get to work, home, holiday shopping or anywhere else in the city, TreeHugger (with tongue ever-so-slightly in cheek) is happy to offer a solution: ride a Bikke. Weighing in at a mere 16 pounds, this baby maxes out at 11 mph and is propelled by a motor powered by a rechargable lithium-ion battery (that's right, just like your cell phone). It's range is just about one hour, or ten miles, but that'll get you from mid-town to downtown, and will recharge before the workday is done -- five or six hours. If you can get to The Conran Shop at 407 East 59th Street, it can be yours for just $379. Probably beats trying to hail a taxi the week before Christmas...Trikke Bikke via ::The Conran Shop