AVD & Work Bikes

Here be yet another pedal-powered cargo hauler. This one has the strange distinction of being hailed by Ford as the future of vehicle design. Work that one out! Originally made by the same company that fabricates that cool looking three-wheeler: the Windcheetah, AVD’s utility vehicles were last year bought by the German firm Work Bikes. And while they sort out the transition, we can admire one of their models — the quad bike, known as the Van (if out of London) or Cargo (if from Berlin). Perched atop the powered coated, steel frame, with its 7 speed hub drive is a commodious glassfibre storage canopy. This will absorb 1,200 litres of stuff, weighing up to 200kg. (Take a peek at a pic in the extended post to see what this all means.) Add the optional lighting system and you’ll be lit up like a Christmas tree — headlights, taillights and even turning indicators. Not exactly speed demons, but they can have electric motors fitted for an extra 50% grunt, when needed. € 4800 for the basic model. Oh yeh, and we loved the user story of gardener, Michael Waugh, who swapped his Ford Transit for an open topped version. He reckoned it was faster through city traffic, no fuel, or road insurance costs, could be taken right to the worksite and even generated increased business. But we couldn’t pass up the one that became a delivery van for premium homemade food company: NinComSoup. What a delicious business name. ::AVD (English) and ::Work Bikes (Deutsch)