Avanti Electra Electric Bike

"Once more into the breach". Seeing the discussion our post on DIY electric bicycle kits stimulated, thought this number from Avanti might keep the dialogue progressing. According to the blurb, its motor will power you for 40km [25miles] at speeds of 25kph [16mph] (or sshhh - 30kph [19kph], if you pedal too!). Two particular features that took our fancy were the ability to change from pedalling to electric assisted by thumbing a switch and secondly using your legs to then recharge the onboard battery. No specs are offered on the weight of the bike, so we don't know how many extra kilograms you'd be pushing along, for the benefit of the motor, but they reckon it feels like a normal bike in pedal mode. Thanks to tipster, Peter T, for finding this one. ::Avanti Electra