Automatic Parking Garages

Talk about packing'em in! TreeHugger is clearly not all about cars and parking garages (would much rather see emphasis on Bikestations) but we do like the approach. And we like the thought of it filled with quiet, small, energy-efficient, car-pooled cars. The way that it works is something like this...You park your car in one of 6 car elevators and it is whisked away and parked, sans human intervention and with the car turned off. With this system they are able to park them much closer than they normally would be able to, thereby increasing the amount of downtown parking without adding new buildings. You pay at a machine. And it looked like there was one guy who monitored everything from a glassed in control center. It seemed so terribly efficient..

These terrible pics (sorry!) are from one in Barcelona. [by Graham Hill]


No need to talk to another pesky human being.


Your car's very own elevator.


The elevator diagram.