Audi Looking to the Future at TechDay


At an event called Audi TechDay, the German car maker outlined some plans they have for conserving fuel in future models. They include a satellite navigation system that takes economy into account, as well as time and distance, and a training system that teaches people to drive in a more fuel efficient manner by analyzing their driving style and, "giving tips accordingly".
It's not a magical solution though, and Audi were keen to point out that ultimately economy is the driver's responsibility, "the driver himself retains a major responsibility for a driving style that contributes to reduced fuel consumption. Individual driving style can reduce fuel consumption, and with it emissions, by up to 30 percent - without compromising on speed and dynamism."

They also said, rather disappointingly, that internal combustion engines will, "remain the major drive system for the foreseeable future." Small improvements were definitely the order of the day, and there were no major surprises from the car maker. They did see fit to make some targets for the future, as is customary now, claiming that by 2012 they will have reduced the fuel consumption of their models by 20%. ::Edmunds