AT&T; Greens its Fleet With 105 New, Efficient Vehicles

att-greens-its-vehicle-fleet.jpg is reporting that AT&T; will soon add 105 compressed natural gas (CNG) and hybrid vehicles to its fleet in order to "track fuel efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs, performance and driver satisfaction of each vehicle" as well as "save more than 34,000 gallons of fuel a year and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 124 metric tons." AT&T; joins companies such as UPS, which recently deployed 167 compressed natural gas trucks and unveiled a more efficient delivery vehicle, and FedEx, which has added 75 hybrid delivery trucks, in trying to lower fleet emissions. The trend is being driving by surging gas prices and the need for positive environmental PR.

Of the 105 vehicles that will be added to the AT&T; fleet, there will be "25 compressed natural gas vans, 65 hybrid electric Ford Escapes and Toyota Priuses, and 15 hybrid electric conversion work trucks." Of course, one can imagine that 105 vehicles is a drop in the bucket of what must a huge corporate fleet. So while we applaud the effort, we hope that if this initial trial is successful it will lead to more significant changes in fleet efficiency. And if AT&T; has any doubts about the potential benefits of vehicle efficiency, they can look no farther than Wal-Mart, which has committed to doubling its fleet efficiency in the next ten years, saving the company over $300 million a year.


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