Arnold to Detroit: "Get Off Your Butt!"

Bloomberg reports that California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, at the Global Environment Conference at Washington's Georgetown University had a message for US carmakers:

"I say, Arnold to Michigan: get off your butt and join us. California may be doing more to save U.S. automakers than anyone else. We are pushing them to make changes. If they don't change someone else will, the Japanese will, the Chinese will, the South Koreans will."

Of course, Detroit wasn't too happy about that. A US representative from Michigan said that California's fuel economy standards would cost the automakers $85 billion (but, even if that number is correct and not just a scare tactic, how much will it cost them not to become more efficient?), and a spokesman for DaimlerChrysler said that they have been innovating like "never before". Clearly they are not very receptive.

Schwarzenegger is stepping up pressure on General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler AG as he seeks a waiver from U.S. pollution rules to implement carbon-dioxide curbs he signed into law in 2004. The governor met today with Stephen Johnson, who leads the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

California's plan would force a cut of as much as 30 percent in carbon dioxide and other gases linked to global warming. The U.S. Supreme Court said last week that the EPA is authorized to regulate CO2 emissions, as California has sought.

::Schwarzenegger Tells Carmakers: Get Off `Butt' on CO2, via ::California Governor Tells Automakers to Get Off Their Butt
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Arnold to Detroit: "Get Off Your Butt!"
"I say, Arnold to Michigan: get off your butt and join us. California may be

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