Area Man "Invents" Peanut Trailer

Prius peanut.jpg
My friend Tim's explanation about his Prius trailer was: "I just couldn't see keeping my beater SUV with these high gas prices, so I traded her in on this classic Prius". Then he added: "With this little invention I can afford our 10th annual Elk Hunting trip". And, "I just hope my buddy with the El Primo Grand Escalade won't give me too hard of a time". I then told Tim that trailering was an old idea; that, before 1970, when most families had one car, a guy kept his trailer parked by the garage, hitchin' it up for a vacation or to haul wood. Tim could tell I was suspicious and he bleated "Duoooh" before admiting that he'd bought the little trailer from "off the internet". We talked awhile. Tim admitted that he'd been suckered like everyone else before he'd traded in his old SUV and got the"Peanut".
"Looking back on my SUV years",he said, "it was like pulling an empty trailer all the time". "This little "Peanut" was such a perfect fit, I thought I'd look pretty cool to make the Prius hunt and save enough money to afford the trip".

So..."what'd they say", I asked Tim after the hunt? "Well", he said, " they found out ahead of time". "They snuck into my garage and painted "Just Married" in camo letters on my car and trailer". "And since the trip was my birthday present, the guys gave me a box of that new "lead free ammo" and called me a TreeHugger"

Well that's what good friends are for, we'd say.