Aprilia Enjoy - Power Assisted Bicycle

Walking to my post office box the other week, I was pulled up short. There in the window of this unassuming store was a slick looking electric bicycle. Nah, couldn’t be. I know we write about them in TreeHugger, but to see one in real life, well, it’s sorta like a celebrity spotter getting a glimpse of Brad. Anyhow the Aprilia 'Enjoy' comes in two flavours. Racing (shown here) and City. The extruded aluminium frame and aluminium alloy wheels compensate somewhat for the weight of the Ni MeH battery. This can apparently be charged on-or-off the bike in 3.5 hours, for 40 km (25 miles) of travel. In bicycle mode you can click through the Shimano 6 speed "Mega-Range" gearing. And reviews suggest it works perfecto at assisting ones’ normal riding action. The Racing model hefts on the scales at 29 kg (64 lb), and $2,530 AUD. (Although Apirilia is an Italian motorbike company, so is no doubt available elsewhere.) ::Aprilia Australia.