Apex Electric Motors: Making Efficiency Cool

apex drive laboratories high efficiency electric motors photo

Soon, your traditional "gear-heads" will deserve a nickname more fitting to their actual propulsion. In only a few years cars will have electric motors that make them super efficient and fast. How about we call them Electric Motor Heads - a.k.a. "EMOHs?"

Apex Drive Laboratories, Inc. (Apex) is an example of a firm positioned to take advantage of this predetermined trend, as it "offers patented electric motor and generator technology [pictured] suitable for transportation and renewable energy applications."The Apex motor offers power range between 50W-300kW, producing high torque at low speed . That makes the transmission less critical to overall performance, and can allow some weight shedding and friction elimination, adding an estimated 8 to 12% to propulsion efficiency. And did we forget say that final assembly is done in the USA?

Green jobs are cool jobs. Rotate and repeat.

Image credit: Apex (pdf file of presentation)

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