Any Colour, So Long as it's Green: Ford's New Paint


What reduces overall CO2 output by 15%? What cuts volatile organic compounds (VOC) by around 10%? What takes 20% less time to use? What saves more than $7 USD per vehicle. Hopefully the answer to all those questions might turn out to be Ford's new paint. Currently out on test, adorning 200 E-Series U-Haul rental trucks, to see if it can stand up to heavy duty use, the paint is apparently a new technology. It's a "high-solids (formulated with polymers), solvent-borne paint applied wet in three applications, with no prime coat." And it can be applied in a smaller and cleaner paint shop compared with traditional painting facilities, with no need to 'bake' the paint. In the media release, Joe Hinrichs, vice president, North America Manufacturing for Ford says, "We have high hopes for this technology based on our laboratory testing. Once we understand how it performs in the real world, we'll determine how best to apply it to other manufacturing facilities." ::Ford Motor Company, via The Car Connection.

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