Animaris Rhinoceros Transport Wind-Powered Creature-Transport

wind powered creature.png
For fourteen years, Dutch artist Theo Jansen has been working on the creation of a new "life" form. His creations are walking skeletons made of electricity tubes and powered by the wind. His latest, the Animaris Rhinoceros Transport features a steel skeleton with a polyester skin and weighs two tons. But amazingly, it can be set into motion by a solo person...

Check out photos of more beach animals in the extended post...because it stands almost 5 meters tall and catches the wind. Now here's the cool part:Equipped with passenger seating, the ART can be used for transport. The Animaris (Latin for "beach animal," according to Jansen), would be suitable for crossing the tundra, but due to the fact that one must wait for strong winds, coming from the proper direction (like a Tall ship, waiting for the trade winds to send it downwind), living quarters inside the "animal" accommodate the rider. Eventually, Jansen hopes to set a herd of his beach animals in motion, to traipse along and live their own lives. Via ::Future Feeder ::Via Informationlab ::Animaris Rhinoceros Transport [by MO]




Above three photos: Older beach animals by Jansen.