Angelinos Rejoice: 2 Public Biodiesel Pumps Arrive on the Westside

Well, it isn’t the newest news in the world, but the west side of Los Angeles now has two public biodiesel stations. USA Gasoline is selling B99 (the closest to 100% you’ll get at any commercial pump) at their Marina del Rey and Pacific Palisades stations. The Marina del Rey station is selling the soy stuff for $3.29/gal, just $.02 more than the cheapest gasoline. Palisades is slightly more because it’s full service (rather swanky), and also has a full-serve car wash, for the full experience. The arrival of the much awaited pumps are the work of biodiesel advocate and all-around fuel genius Kent Bullard (crane operator supervisor for Channel Island National Park and a great many other roles as well, including sustainability advisor to Daryl Hannah and the City of Ventura), and, as rumor has it, the good-hearted son of USA Gasoline’s owner. Filling up at either station requires membership in the Southern California Biodiesel User’s Group (SOCAL BUG), which is free and can be done at the station before your first fill-up. :: SOCAL BUG