An Electric Ride Caters to Drivers with Disabilities


All Images Courtesy of Juan Carlos Mendoza Collazos

There are a lot of electric vehicle designs out there. From from rickshaws to off-road taxis to wooden buggies, just about everyone can find an EV that suits them. Now a Colombian team has a new design to fill another niche: the E1 Ecodrive is specifically designed for wheelchair users.


The project is the work of Juan Mendoza and designers Jose Rivera, Jaime Moreno, Oscar Luna, Oscar Jimenez, Juan Aguilar. It's a clever design: the driver enters the car's front compartment via a hatch door. The back seats four passengers, who sit facing one another. There are no pedals; the car is operated by hand panel.


For now, the E1 Ecodrive exists only in renderings; the team is looking for a sponsor to build a prototype. Hopefully, things will come together and we'll see some of these on the road in the next few years.





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