Americans going Treehugger and Turning in Their SUV's

We have talked about this before, Remember Bob Lutz of GM saying about fuel prices- "Rich people don't care"? Well it turns out they do, and are trading in the Hummers for Hondas. And not only because of fuel prices- According to the New York Times, "For Janna Jensen, it was the dirty looks and nasty gestures from other drivers that finally persuaded her to give up the family's $55,000 Hummer H2. Her husband, Michael, meanwhile, was tired of the $300 monthly gasoline cost and the quality problems that began soon after they bought it." and "The higher cost of gasoline plays a big role, as it has for the last year of high oil prices. But wealthy buyers, who used to shrug off the expense, are shifting gears, as excessive energy consumption is becoming socially embarrassing." The celebrity campaigns, the T shirts and a little help from high gas prices have made a difference- Driving a big SUV is like smoking- it is becoming socially unacceptable. ::New York Times

UPDATE: John Laumer called this one in July
Seth Godin called this one 9 months ago in our interview:Much of America identifies Prius drivers with Leonardo, Susan Sarandon and sniveling leftie treehuggers. Should we put a hybrid on the NASCAR track? How do we change the worldview of the majority of America?

SG: There's no question that a souped up Prius would reach a certain group, but I don't think that's the best way to get Prius adoption. The prius tells a story "you're smart". There are a group of people that want their car to tell them that they're smart, and the prius does this.

I think the way we kill the gas guzzlers is to tell the story: SUV = terrorism, SUV = unpatriotic, SUV = dead soldiers. Careful! It would backfire if the story was interpreted that you should get rid of your SUV If you're a chicken (these colors don't run!) Instead, the story needs to be based on a simple fact: if we get rid of all the SUVs, America becomes Oil Independent. Oil Independent is an achievable goal that people on both sides of the aisle should grab.

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