Americans Getting Better Deals on Electric Cars Than Canadians

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Raw Deal for Canucks

Those of us who live North of the 49th parallel above the USA have been told for decades that things were more expensive here mostly because our currency was weaker, so after the foreign exchange conversion, prices simply had to be higher. But for a few years now, the Canadian dollar (aka the Loonie) has been pretty much 1 for 1 with the US dollar, even surpassing it for long stretches of time. Yet most things still are more expensive than in the US, and that includes electric cars.

Indeed, all the great incentives and rebates for EVs and plug-in hybrids that have been popping up lately in the USA haven't made their way up North:

"U.S. pricing site lists the Nissan Leaf as one of the best lease or finance deals this month, at $249 (U.S.) a month for 36 months with $1,999 down, and a 12,000-mile (19,200-km) mileage allowance. [...] Published reports have put shorter-term Leaf lease prices as low as $139/month by at least one California dealer, after further discounting helped by using U.S. federal and state tax incentives off the top at the dealership.

Interestingly, the Chevrolet Volt topped that same TrueCar list in July, when a $369/month lease deal (with $2,529 down) at the same time frame and mileage limits as the current factory Leaf lease rate.At least one California dealer has also offered combined factory and dealer discounts of $5,000, plus long-term zero per cent financing."

But in Canada, very few incentives can be found, and that's if you can even find an EV to buy, as inventories are much lower:

"Canadian auto pricing site [...] has seen discounts of approximately $3,000 (Canadian) on the Volt, but less than $300 on the Leaf, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Ford C-Max Energi. The Toyota Prius plug-in supply is also tight, he said, with some discounting of $500-$1,000, all not counting various provincial rebates available on these plug-ins that range from $2,500 to $8,500."

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