America Loves Big Vehicles The Best. Are Pickups The Next Economic Bubble To Pop (After SUV's)?

americans still loving their big cars

Image credit:Chart Of The Day: The Top 25 Nameplates In August And Year-To-Date, Edward Niedemeyer, The Truth About Cars

What's the first thing you thought of when you saw this chart? For me it was the stereotype of a single man, living with mom and dad or sharing a flat with online gamer-guys, flipping burgers or waiting tables for money: yet living-large with a new FD150. But then again, it was just yesterday I saw a very pregnant young woman - earlier I'd seen her ending a shelf stocking shift at the local Target store - climb up into a big shiny new truck for the drive home. So much for stereotypes. What gives?Vehicles at the top of this chart are far too expensive to be classified as basic, affordable transportation. Meanwhile millions are losing their homes and living off the dole or on the street.

Although the data depicted here are trailing indicators, I am surprised by the continued dominance of big trucks sold as passenger vehicles.

Aside from that, it would appear that SUV's are dead meat. I still see plenty of new Lexus SUVs and such but the lower priced ones are done for.

Pop goes the truck bubble.
Is it for making a patriotic statement that the pickups ride so high? Do ads suck people into a romantic ideal? Who is loaning the money for these? Will the payments be made on time or will repo men have another 16 million to pursue?

Would be interesting to see what the main market segments are - the demographics. How many likely Democratic voters drive brand new pickups, for example?

No answers here; only malleable fantasies and a very expandable list of questions.