Alternate Uses For Cars With Big Battery Packs


When fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids get popular, what other uses for these vehicles will product hackers come up with? One pretty obvious use will for emergency power, like when the ice storm takes down the power grid and the furnace is, of course, off. A wire from the garage to the furnace, a plug, some current conditioning and you're good to heat for the night. For a more creative, if slightly paranoid adaptation, how about fending off a car-jacker with some serious Tesla effect? "Peter Terren’s corner of rural, western Australia doesn’t have much of a problem with car theft. But that hasn’t stopped him from building a deterrent that packs a real wallop. Visually, at least. Terren welded a long aluminum tube to a home-built 5-kilowatt Tesla coil, combined it with an old aircraft control motor, and mounted the whole thing atop a Hyundai. Sparks jump from the tip of the tube to the ground as it swings around the car about once every 10 seconds. (This photograph is a long exposure showing more than one rotation.)" Via: IEEE Spectrum. Image credit: IEEE/Peter Terren.

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