Already 3,300 Reservations for the BlueCar EV by Pininfarina and Bolloré

bluecar pininfarina bollore electric car photo
Photo: Pininfarina/Bollore
Coming to Europe in 2010
The BlueCar EV by Pininfaria and Bolloré has attracted a lot of attention in the past month. It's attractive design and promising technology (f.ex., the power storage combines an advanced li-ion battery with supercapacitors, and the car has solar cells on the roof and hood) probably helped it gather 3,300 reservations since the beginning of March.bluecar pininfarina bollore electric car photo
Photo: Pininfarina/Bollore

From Nouvel Obs (French):

Le groupe Bolloré inaugurera en juin deux usines de fabrication batteries électriques - l'une en Bretagne, l'autre au Canada -, avec une production qui devrait atteindre 50 unités par jour en 2011, puis compte lancer à la mi-octobre la production d'un bus et d'une voiture. Celle-ci, développée avec le designer automobile italien Pininfarina, a fait l'objet de 3.300 réservations depuis sa présentation au salon automobile de Genève début mars.

For those who can't read French, this means that Bolloré will open two battery factories in June, one in Bretagne, France, and the other in Canada. Production should be about 50 units per day in 2011. The electric BlueCar, which Bolloré co-developed with Pininfarina already has 3,300 reservations since it was unveiled in Geneva at the beginning of March.

As we previously wrote: "So far, there are plans for France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland. The U.S. might be added to the list someday, though probably not for a couple years. Production numbers are: 10,000 cars in 2010, 20,000 in 2011 and 30,000 units in 2012."

Via Nouvel Obs (French), AutoblogGreen
Bluecar Electric Car by Pininfarina and Bolloré
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