All Road Fatalities in the USA Between 2001-2009 Shown on Amazing Interactive Map

Road FatalitiesITO/Screen capture

That's a Lot of Lives

A group of transport information specialists from the UK, ITO World, has taken US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and overlaid it on OpenStreetMap interactive maps to create a stark reminder of the importance of road safety. It also doesn't require a huge leap of the imagination to think that if our transportation system was greener - more mass transit, more separated bike lanes, more walkable neighborhoods - that a lot of those deaths wouldn't have occurred.

Road FatalitiesITO/Screen capture

The data shows fatalities for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, etc, between 2001 and 2009.

Best of all, they've made it available under Creative Commons licence (cc-by-sa 2.0).

Road FatalitiesITO/Screen capture

"For each incident you will be able to see the person's age, sex and the year in which the crash took place. Where information is not available fields are left blank." (that's what those little colored squares show)

Follow this link to check out the ITO map of road fatalities. There's also a similar map for the UK, and they want to create one for Canada.

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