All Fuel in Portland to be Biofuel Blend


We've been pretty impressed with all of the ways that Portland, Oregon is a TreeHugger-friendly place. From the multitude of good responses that came from our "Tell Us About Your City" series, to the Portland Peak Oil group, to the sustainable neighborhoods and LEED-rated REI, the City of Roses was at the top of SustainLane's list of most sustainable cities for good reason. With all of these good green things, we're glad to see that Portland is still innovating and getting greener: starting next year, all fuel sold in the city will be blended with biofuel. Gasoline will have at least E10 (10% ethanol), and diesel will be blended with no less than B5 (5% biodiesel); both concentrations are low enough that conventional, unmodified engines can burn the fuel without any modifications. Critics worry that the lack of supply will drive prices up; we'll gently remind them that crude oil does nothing but get more expensive (it's tipping the scales at nearly $80 a barrel today; imagine where it'll be in a year!) while increases in both supply and manufacturing efficiency make biofuels more affordable every day. We'll check in with Portland next year to see how it's going. ::KOIN TV via ::AutoblogGreen