All-Electric Minicabs - You Can Hail One in London

fluence-is-an-ell-electric-sedanRenault/Screen capture

A year ago, Bonnie gave us a story about a local company, ClimateCars, that was putting a fleet of mini-cabs on the streets of London.

While they started with hybrid Priuses, ClimateCare has now added an all-electric 94 horsepower Renault Fluence Z.E. car to its fleet. The Fluence is expected to get 115 miles per charge, and the car, eventually cars, will recharge batteries at the charging stations in the London network, installed by Mayor Boris Johnson.

(Fluence will be available for sale, at least in European markets, in March 2012.)

"I am thrilled to see that my ever expanding Source London charge point network is now helping to support this fantastic new eco-fleet introduced by Climatecars." - Mayor Boris Johnson

all-electric-London-cabClimateCars/Screen capture

ClimateCars' Nicko Williamson (right) and MP Greg Barker.

ClimateCars and Renault call the Fluence a 'saloon car' – they must be thinking of the British definition of saloon as 'a large cabin for the common use of passengers' rather than American definition of 'place where you buy alcohol'. ClimateCars says the Fluence Z.E. is roomy and comfortable, with a 'smooth silent ride' according to the press release.

Unfortunately, as part of the perk of riding in the all-electric Fluence with ClimateCars, passengers receive complimentary bottled water. Not too green!

Corporate clients, as well as 'normal Londoners' says the company, will be able to hail the Fluence Z.E. for central Greater London and airport trips.

Trips are priced by mileage, so unlike with some London cab companies, clients won't pay extra for sitting in traffic.

All-Electric Minicabs - You Can Hail One in London
In London, there's now an all-electric car you can hail like a cab. No more range anxiety, congestion charge, or parking panic.

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