All-Electric Eva Has a 100-Mile Range, Talks to Your Nokia

Eva Concept electric carImage courtesy of designboom
Valmet Automotive, the contractor behind Th!nk City and the soon-to-come Fisker Karma, has introduced an electric vehicle concept of their own: the Eva concept.

Like the Karma, the Eva is built on an advanced aluminum space frame with a modularity that allows it to be adapted to other vehicle types. It has a highly efficient axial flux induction motor that tops out at 75 mph. All of which contribute to its 100-mile range.
Eva Concept electric carImage courtesy of designboom

The in-car infotainment system can connect to your Nokia smartphone allowing it to capture performance and other vehicle data. And the car's navigation system takes terrain into consideration when mapping out the most efficient route--it'll also point you to the nearest charging station. It even has its own charging unit that can be activated via SMS.

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Source: designboom


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