Algae-Powered Big Rig That Transforms Into A Locomotive

Chiron Locomotive Transfomer

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The Chiron Transportation concept transforms between both a big rig and a locomotive. Powered by an algae-based fuel cell engine, the Autobot-wannabe also comes with a satellite tracking system for navigating railways efficiently.

The design addresses the gianormous ecological and economic costs of commercial transport. Something even the un-green have had to contend with due to the increased costs of petro-based fuels.

Chiron Diagram

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Conceived by Benjamin Cselley, Jupin Ghanbari, Jessica Covi and Erol Kursani, the Chiron's algae-powered engine will minimize fuel costs but won't be as tasty as this option. And the big rig/train combo allows the Chiron to map out the most efficient path to its destination.

I wouldn't mind seeing these on the road some time soon. Unless of course it turns out to be a Decepticon. That could suck.

Chiron Big Rig Transformer

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Chiron Cargo

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Chiron Sketch

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